Business Debit Cards are available on our Pike’s Business Relationship Account. See a CSR today to find out how to apply for one!

Maximum Daily Business Debit Card Limits:
  • $250 ATM and $3000 POS
  • 20 transactions per 24-hour period

For more details, contact a banker .

Lost/Stolen Debit Card & Travel Information
  • During banking hours - 601-684-7575 option 1
  • A fter banking hours - 601-684-8585 or 1-800-816-2720 option 8
  • Anytime through our Mobile Banking App - Select Manage Card: This feature allows you to select a card and either suspend the card or report it as lost or stolen. If you select Lost or Stolen, your card will be permanently cancelled. If you select suspend, your card will be temporarily inactive.
Debit Card Travel Information

Our Account Services Department may contact you regarding suspicious or unusual activity. Please be sure your contact phone numbers are updated so we can assist in preventing fraud as quickly as possible.

All foreign debit card activity is restricted unless you notify us you will be traveling outside the United States. Also, some Debit card transactions made outside of Mississippi or Louisiana may be blocked. Please contact us at 601-684-7575 option 1, and we will open your card for the time period and location of your travel.

For information about getting a debit card click here .