Bank architect with Joe Sones

Pike National Bank celebrated 31 years of banking on September 30, 2016, thanks to the dream the late Joe Sones had over 30 years ago of having a local bank focusing on the needs of our community. We owe our very existence to Joe Sones who had the foresight, work ethic, and faith in our community to bring to reality his dream for a community bank dedicated to improving the lives of his friends, neighbors, and associates by improving the banking services offered to all of our citizens. His leadership, vision, and generosity were unparalleled and his innovative thinking was even more unique. Over these 31 years, we have grown to be a community bank with assets in excess of $200 million and have over 70 employees. We are big enough to handle your banking but small enough to know you personally.

Our mission is to provide the banking services and expertise necessary to improve the quality of life in Southwest Mississippi. We accomplish this through our staff of friends, neighbors, and relatives who strive to take care of each other both in the banking environment and in our various community activities. We dress, talk, and act like the people we serve because we are just like them.

Our motto is “It’s not the bank, it’s the banker.” We believe that it is our people who make the difference. Regardless of your location or your need, our staff is able, willing, and eager to serve your banking needs in a friendly atmosphere. We have professional bankers to help with depository as well as loan needs. They know the area, the people, and have the resources to help make your dreams come to reality.

Our senior management team consists of James Wicker, CEO; Jennifer Wallace, President; Diane Cothern, EVP; Tommy Jolly, CFO; Dale Breaux, EVP; John Burch, EVP; Richard Furr, City President, Brookhaven; Stephen Bennett, CIO; and Helen Lambert, SVP.

Our stock ownership is spread throughout our community. Most of our Board of Directors have been associated with the bank in some capacity since its early years or since inception.

Board of Directors

PNB's Board of Directors inside Vault

James Wicker, Diane Cothern, John Ellis Solomon, Keith White, Jennifer Wallace, and Jim Alford

James L. Alford, Jr .
Chairman of the Board

Diane H. Cothern
Executive Vice President

Keith A. White

John Ellis Solomon

Jennifer S. Wallace

E. James Wicker
Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operations Officer Committee

Diane Cothern, Sam Sanders, Richard Furr, Dale Breaux, Jason Furr, Jennifer Wallace, Tommy Jolly, Nichole Hall, Chris Sheppard, and John Burch 

Pike National Bank– Officer Listing
James Wicker, CEO 
Jennifer Wallace, President 
Tommy Jolly, Cashier/CFO
Diane Cothern, Executive Vice President 
John Burch, Executive Vice President
Dale Breaux, Executive Vice President 
Steve Bennett, CIO
Helen Lambert, Senior Vice President 
Richard Furr, SVP/Brookhaven City President
Nichole Hall, First Vice President 
Jason Furr, First Vice President
Eddie Hightower, First Vice President 
Chris Sheppard, First Vice President
Sam Sanders, First Vice President 
Roy Loudenslager, Vice President
Yaki Jackson, Vice President 
Brenda Tullos, Assistant Vice President
Gail Etheridge, Assistant Vice President 
Tra Stovall, Assistant Vice President
Stephen Scarpulla, Loan Officer 
Menessa Cooksey, Mortgage Loan Officer
Angie Davis, Loan Officer 
Mia Black, Loan Administration Officer
Tracy Brady, Branch Officer 
Kalee Brister, Deposit Operations Officer
Leslie Alexander, Assistant Compliance Officer

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