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You are allowed 3 attempts to enter the correct password before your account will be locked. If you cannot remember your password and/or you are locked out of the system, you may contact a Pike National Bank employee at 601-684-7575 during regular banking hours, and upon proper identification, we will be happy to unlock the account and reset the password. Under the modify personal settings tab complete the section to "Answer Personal Question" and "Personal Question Answer" to reset yourself after banking hours.
By federal regulation, your savings or money market accounts are classified as non-transactional accounts and cannot be used for Bill Payment Services. However, you can transfer funds from your savings or money market account to your bill pay account through PNB Online Banking.
To send secure email to PNB you'll first need to contact the intended recipient who will then send you an encrypted email containing a link to establish your account. See instructions and FAQs
  • PNB MasterCard Debit Cards are available on PNB personal and business checking accounts.
  • To obtain a PNB Debit card each account holder requesting a card must complete and sign a PNB Debit card application i.e., if a joint account-each individual requesting a card must complete and sign an application.
  • Only account owners are eligible for PNB debit cards. Account signers or beneficiaries (account styled “for John Doe”) are not eligible for a debit card. Only one debit card is allowed per person.
For more details, contact a banker.