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If you are looking for a mortgage loan (conventional, HELOC, or home improvement), then visit with our friendly and experienced mortgage lending professionals by calling 601-249-4674 and asking to speak with Menessa Cooksey (MLO #1076650), calling 601-823-5566 asking to speak with Nicole Van Norman (MLO#1930516) or calling 601-684-4430 and asking for Kayla Hunter (MLO #1452793).

Mortgage Loan Products Approved and Serviced by Pike National Bank

Fully-Amortizing Mortgage: a mortgage for which regular payments of principal and interest are sufficient to fully pay off the loan by the maturity date. The maximum term for this type of loan is 7 years.

Balloon Mortgage: a balloon payment is due on a mortgage that usually offers a low monthly payment for an initial period of time. After that period of time elapses, the balance must be paid by the borrower or the amount must be refinanced. The balance payable at the end of the loan term is called a “balloon payment.”

Construction Loan: a short-term loan for financing the cost of construction.

HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit): a variable rate, real estate secured line of credit within an established credit limit and maturity date. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) may change monthly as it is tied to the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate.

Home Improvement Loan: Installment loan secured by a first or second mortgage on an applicant’s home with the proceeds being used for improvements, additions to the home, fence and yard work, general repairs to the house, or for a swimming pool or tennis court.

Benefits of Having Your Mortgage with Pike National Bank

Pre-qualification services
  • Decisions made on entire credit history, not credit score alone
  • Mobile Home financing
  • All loans maintained and serviced in house
  • Face-to-Face contact with local lenders
  • Strive to close your loan within 15-30 business days
  • Decision and Servicing is Local

Benefits of Having Your Mortgage with a Mortgage Company

  • Long term fixed rate mortgage
  • Potential lower down payment

Items That Will Be Requested During The Loan Process:

  • Valid State Issued Identification
  • Original copy of the two most recent pay stubs
  • Copy of previous year’s W-2 forms
  • Copy of previous year’s tax return
  • If self employed, copies of the two most recent personal tax returns. Business returns may also be required
  • $30 credit bureau fee per person (joint applicants $60)
    * Applicable to PNB Mortgage Products only

If Purchasing, in addition to the above items, you will also need:

  • Sales Contract, Purchase Agreement
  • Copy of Legal Description

If Refinancing, in addition to the above items, you will also need:

  • Copy of Warranty Deed
  • Copy of your current Hazard and/or Flood Insurance Policy
  • Previous year's Property Taxes

Did You Know?

If you have a PNB checking or savings account, you can make your PNB loan payment over the phone. Just call 601-684-8585. Then press #3 and let our automated system walk you through the loan payment process.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us . We will be glad to assist you in any way possible.