24-Hour Voice Response Banking

Our Voice Response Banking offers confidential banking information right at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our telephone banking system is convenient and easy to use providing access to your account balances, withdrawals, deposits, PNB loan payments, and more.

Access Pike National Bank’s Telephone Banking at any time!

601-684-8585 or 1-800-816-2720

For more details, contact a banker .

Below is a brief summary of your menu options.


Main Menu:

1- Account Balance
2- Account History
3- Transfer Funds or Make a Payment

Funds Transfer and Payments Menu: 

1. Transfer Funds immediately
2. Schedule a Funds Transfer
3. Make an Immediate cross Account Transfer
1. Payments Immediate
2. Payments Scheduled
4. Scheduled cross Account Transfers
5. Payments
6. Hear existing scheduled transfer
7. Delete an existing Transfer
4- Merchant Check Verification:
5- Pike National Bank Information (Message Transfer)
6- Future Dated Transactions
Future Dated Transactions Menu:
1. Hear ACH Transactions
2. List Scheduled Funds Transfers
7- Get Account Information by Email.
8- Card Services Menu
Card Maintenance Menu 
1. Activate a Card
2. Deactivate a Card/ Report Card Lost or Stolen
3. Fraud Department
9- PIN Maintenance (Change your Telephone Banking PIN)
Global Commands:
Speech (8*)             Skip (5*)
Help Menu (1*)      Repeat (#)
Main Menu (3*)     Hang up (7*)
Go Back (*)              Operator (0)